Presented RELY at the SOFiSTiK Seminar

The 25th SOFiSTiK Seminar took place on Friday and Saturday last week. We presented the SOFiSTiK module RELY, a coupling of the kernel of Strurel with the finite element package SOFiSTiK.

Abstract: RELY is a novel SOFiSTiK module for reliability analysis. It allows to employ the full capabilities of the SOFiSTiK finite element package to model the engineering system of interest, in combination with a powerful stochastic model and analysis toolbox. The kernel of RELY is powered by Strurel, one of the leading reliability software tools.
We show how to apply RELY to perform reliability analysis of a conventionally driven tunnel. Model parameters that are subject to considerable uncertainty are represented stochastically. The first-order reliability method (FORM) is employed to estimate the reliability of the outer tunnel lining. Sensitivity information provided by FORM is used to quantify the relative importance of the stochastic model parameters.

Publication: recalculation of an existing prestressed concrete bridge

The software Strurel is used in the publication K. Morgen, S. Süfke, M. Keuser, T. Braml: Hochstraße Barkauer Kreuz in Kiel – Nachrechnung und Instandsetzung einer anspruchsvollen Spannbetonbrücke. In Bautechnik, Volume 93, Issue 2, pages 105–113, February 2016. DOI: 10.1002/bate.201600008. Strurel is applied to perform a sensitivity analysis for the ultimate limit state of shear and torsion.