How to re-start the Matlab-interface

STRUREL offers an interface to Matlab: You can evaluate Matlab functions or Matlab scripts within a limit-state function call.

The initial start of the Matlab engine takes a bit. Therefore, to be able to evaluate your Matlab-based limit-state function calls efficiently, we keep the Matlab engine running in the background. You need to be aware of this behavior, if you work with external Matlab scripts: When you change the content of your script, you need to manually restart the Matlab engine. Otherwise, the Matlab engine will not take the changes you made into account.

The simplest way to force a re-load of the engine is to close the Matlab engine actively. Add the following code in the ‘Symbolic Expressions‘ tab of STRUREL:


Now, you simply have to evaluate this limit-state function each time you want to enforce a re-start of the Matlab engine.